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Review of the Benefits of Heat Transfers

When it comes to the need to custom print t-shirts, there are two ways that you can use to get this done and these are by either heat transfers or screen printing. In as much as these two methods happen to be similar in the fact that they involve the transfer of images to garments, there are some differences in them as well. On top of this, you need to know of the fact that there are as well some situations where some method may be better suited for some projects than the other. Read on and see more on the two techniques and get to know which of them will be best for your needs.

We want to first dive into heat transfers as the first of the two to look into. By and large, the heat transfers happens to be one method for the transfer of images on garments that is relatively new and has but come to be as popular over the past few years. In essence, talking of the application of the heat transfers as a method of printing garments, this is a method that sees the printing of a design on some special paper which when heated will then see the design transferred to the fabric. Heat transfers is one method of custom printing that has the beneficial feature in the sense that it will allow for the printing of such detailed images and full color printing onto any material. Besides this is the fact that the resulting design or print is flat and actually looks more integrated into the fabric as compared to what is achieved with the screen printing technique. In a nutshell, one of the outstanding benefits of heat transfers as a method for custom t shirt printing lies in the fact that it is one method that will enable you create virtually any kind of print and design on your garments. Added to this, you need to acknowledge the fact that this is one method of printing that happens to be quite cost effective and this is more so where you are looking at the printing of the small size orders. Actually, heat transfers allows you to customize various garments easily for printing purposes. Be sure to view here!

On the other hand, screen printing is one method that has been around with us for quite some time now. Screen printing as well known as silkscreening is a method of printing garments where there is the use of the real screens for this purpose. In this method you will use an emulsion layer for you to cover the entire screen for you to result in the design that you are looking for. Make sure to discover more here!

It is one method that happens to be quite cost effective more so looking at the printing of the larger orders. Get into some more facts about printing services, go to

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